Improve Excel Spreadsheet Productivity While Minimizing Errors
Learn best practices and techniques to speed your productivity in your spreadsheets and reduce errors.

Credible Challenge & the Quest to Lower EUC Risk
How can you minimize material spreadsheet errors and ensure that your next quarterly reports are accurate? Join us to learn the basic tenets of end-user computing policy/standards plus best practices for monitoring and reporting on EUC-related risk.

Create a Best Practices Inventory for Models, Spreadsheets & EUCs
Discover the best way to document the full spectrum of your most critical models, spreadsheets & EUCs.

Tips to Reduce Risks of Spreadsheets & EUCs Stored in the Cloud.  
Learn how self-governing files stored in Box or Office365 can reduce your risks and lower costs. 

Error-Free Spreadsheets: 5 Steps to Accuracy Every Time.
Learn how to create a consistent & automated approach to test your spreadsheets and make sure they are always accurate. 

Justify Your EUC Risk Management Project
Learn practical steps you can take to justify your EUC Risk Management project with key stakeholders.

How Effective are your EUC Controls? Learn 5 Steps to Eliminate Risk.
Learn how to use technology to test and improve your spreadsheet & EUC controls.

Understand EUC Risk and Take First Steps to Control Them


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Fun Videos about Spreadsheets

"We love spreadsheets (but hate errors)" -- a series of fun, short videos about finding errors in your spreadsheets. 


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Taming the Spreadsheet MenaceSpreadsheet & EUC Risks: Why you should care & what you can do about it.

True Data SecurityProtect sensitive information living in spreadsheets & end-user computing applications (EUCs)

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Global Insurance Company Relies on CIMCON for PII Inventory

Top Global Bank Performs "Finance Transformation" with CIMCON

Top North American Bank Implements Spreadsheet GRC Framework for files in SharePoint

Major Global Bank Scans 20 Million Files Worldwide to Eliminate Security Breaches from Spreadsheets

Top Insurance Company Corrects Errors in Policy Premiums and Complies with FSA Observations