How to Justify Your EUC Risk Management Project

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Every organization has critical business processes that rely on spreadsheets, models, and other end-user computing applications. This puts you at great risk of financial loss and reputational damage: Chartis Research estimates an average annual value at risk of $285 million for large financial organizations. But despite these potential losses, many EUC Risk projects fail to gain traction, leaving a huge “EUC risk elephant” in the room, because spreadsheets aren’t going away.

At CIMCON, we find that most organizations either (1) hope they won’t have a high impact EUC error (2) believe an EUC mishap wouldn’t be material or (3) feel they are safe with manual controls. In addition, because EUCs are so pervasive, many organizations simply think the problem is too big to solve.

The reality is that “hope” is a poor risk management strategy. One small error can lead to significant consequences. And manual checks & controls are time-consuming, costly, and ineffective.

EUC risk IS a problem that you can solve. It’s not too big – it IS manageable. It’s time to do something about it!  So how do you get the support of all the key stakeholders?

View this webinar where we talk about practical steps you can take to justify your EUC Risk Management project, including how to:

  • Assess & quantify your current EUC risk exposure
  • Articulate the value of a self-governing EUC solution, including cost-avoidance & cost-saving opportunities
  • Win over executives & other stakeholders in the lines of business with automation & self-governance