On-Demand Webinar

How to Find & Mitigate End-User Computing Risk in 1 Day

Every company has end-user controlled (EUC) applications. And to varying degrees, everyone utilizes them within critical business processes such as finance accounting or forecast modeling. Without proper controls, an EUC in a critical process is high risk. Not only is that inherent risk high, it is unnecessary because there are simple controls that can quickly be put in place. EUC Risk doesn’t manifest itself overnight. It grows over time as the business uses Excel spreadsheets (and other EUCs) to address their dynamic needs. Nonetheless, this risk can be mitigated in a few days, perhaps even hours. 

Watch this 30-minute webinar & learn how you can use an automate approach to quickly:

  • Find your high-risk EUCs 
  • Check these high-risk files for errors
  • Monitor them for continued conformance with best practice & your company's policy