On Demand Webinar

5 Tips to Reduce Risks of Spreadsheets & EUCs Stored in the Cloud

How Self-Governing Files Reduce Risk and Lower Cost

Many companies are migrating from on-premises file storage to the cloud. As your organization captures the benefits of cloud-based file sharing, how can you reduce the risks of your critical spreadsheets and other end-user controlled applications (EUCs) living in the cloud?  How can you maintain effective controls when the files are no longer within your firewall?

The good news is that you can continue to manage the risks of EUCs stored in the cloud. Leading public cloud platforms, such as Box or Microsoft’s Office365, have basic governance features that you can leverage to begin reducing EUC risk. EUC-specific risk management technology then layers on top of that basic governance framework to further reduce risk in an automated way that doesn’t burden employees. This “one...two combination” yields lower risk, lower costs, better compliance and higher productivity.

Join us for this webinar where you will learn how to manage EUC risk in the cloud, including:

  • Answer the question “What is a ‘self-governing’ spreadsheet / EUC ?” 
  • Identify the opportunities to leverage your cloud provider’s functionality to reduce EUC risk at the file level
  • Implement more effective controls within the file (e.g., cell level) for your most critical documents
  • Introduce end-user automation that can systematically find hidden errors in spreadsheets
  • Minimize disruption due to broken links and other migration risks during the actual transition to the cloud


Spreadsheets in Cloud--Reduce Risks-Live Webinar